Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday, January 4

8:24 AM
The hamster was unusually active this morning.  My son was watching her and screamed, "The top is open!!!"  Her little sky dome, where she spends most of her time, is in two pieces which screw together with a chunky red screw.  Well, this morning that screw was missing!
The thing is, she spends so much time up there that she could have gotten out at any point if it were off.  And yesterday, after I cleaned the cage, it would have been hard to put the sky dome back on without the screw.  So either it was left off all night, someone removed it during the night, one of the kids took it out (probably the girl) and lied about it (although I can usually tell when she's lying), OR this hamster is a genius.  Flowers for Algernon, anyone?  I had a coffee, removed the sky dome, and am heading to the gym, and then I guess to the pet store for a new play area for her.  Maybe it is for the best, as the cage seems too small for her big personality and I'd like to get her one of these:

1:00 PM
Today is one of those days where I don't stop running around all day long.  Kind of like the hamster. And that is enough about the hamster.  Could only manage a quick two miles at the gym and had to go to the kids' school because I do a book club with my son's class.  We are reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, so it's awesome.  My husband and I have also organized a benefit for the school, so I have been soliciting donations from people, AND was almost, just barely not, in a car accident.  The cab driver started yelling at the other driver, who had run through a stop sign.  He actually said, "I got the right of way Toothless!" which was pretty great.  Am home for ten minutes and ate an egg.  I know, I know.  And surprise surprise - the rest of Bittman's salad, now gone very limp in the bowl.

Almost forgot... The paperback of my book is out today!  Buy one for yourself, and one for your friend HERE!

4:00 PM
Had one of those lil cottage cheese guys.

7:00 PM
Had a salad.  Arugula.  Also some cheese.  Emmentaler.

Sisters!  Ha ha!  Sisters are the best, and if you have them you know what I mean.  I saw my sister Lindsay tonight, and we had some wine, and some very welcome chit chat.  I admired her new decor, and flat screen tv, and super cute sneakers made out of sweatshirts that she bought in San Francisco.  Cote du Rhone.

9:50 PM
Home.  Famished.  A little tipsy.  Foraged in the fridge and came up with only leftover lentil soup which was even better than yesterday, but sadly, not enough, and am still hungry.  What should I eat?  More cheese?  Nuts?  Ugh.

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