Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday, January 2

So maybe "detox" is too strong a word.  Okay, so I had a little cocktail last night.  BUT I used only the faintest splash of sugar free cranberry, and I didn't eat any of the chips or dip on hand, nor did I go for the rest of the fudge.  I'm thinking that perhaps instead of defining this as a "detox" I should just imagine that I am pulling my chair back from the trough on a permanent basis.

11 AM
I made apple pancakes for the kids, and for myself a scrambled egg.  Off to the gym.

3:30 PM
Ran four miles, listening to this, which made the slog on the treadmill almost enjoyable:

After the run, went for a swim with my kids, and took them for a snack.  The boy had a Cliff Bar, the girl had a muffin and potato salad, and I had only the merest nibble of the potato salad.  I wasn't going to have any of it, but potato salad is one of the great foods available to mankind.  I had a spinach, ginger, cucumber, apple, lemon juice, and an apple when I got home.

7:00 PM
For dinner had beet greens sauteed with cannellini beans which were surprisingly decadent and creamy.  Also made Mark Bittman's cole slaw from today's NY Times, which needed more vinegar than was called for.

9:15 PM
Having more of Bittman's salad.  Oh yeah, and a cocktail.  Here's the thing.  I eat pretty healthy on a regular basis, the gallon of cheese fondue I consumed at Christmas dinner notwithstanding.  I don't smoke, don't do drugs, I don't even smoke pot, for those of you who don't consider that a drug.  The one thing I do is have a cocktail or glass of wine after my kids are in bed.  It makes me feel human and reminds me that, in spite of the fact that my day was mostly taken up with American Girl dolls and this (totally OCD) hamster we have, I am a grown up.  Screw it.  I'm not giving it up.

Also I weighed myself at the gym (which I never do) and haven't done as much damage as I had thought.  Maybe I'll have two.


  1. Child, you are way in touch with food and feelings and stuffs and, likely, stuffings, and you are and adult and you are lovely in form and function and you are reading a good book and raising a couple of great kids and have written a great book, so do it up. A cocktail is not a bad thing. Cheers!


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