Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday, January 7

12:45 AM
Went to the theater and saw Blood From A Stone tonight.  If you are in NYC, or anywhere nearby, you should see this play.  I loved it.  Stayed out way too late, and was starving, and then accidentally ate two pieces of pizza.  Two, incidentally, is the same number of times that my daughter kicked the babysitter.

Snowing.  Big, fat flakes of snow and I am mortally exhausted.  Took a cab home from dropping the kids at school and went right to the diner and had two eggs over medium, rye toast, hash browns, orange juice and coffee.

8:00 PM
It was actually a good thing that I had that huge breakfast, because I didn't get another chance to eat all day, what with all the running around I was doing.   We got take out for dinner.  Thai.  I had something called "Green Noodles" which was like a pesto made with thai herbs, also spring rolls and papaya salad.  I tossed the leftovers because you can't eat Thai two days in a row unless you are in Thailand.  Now I am sitting in front of a fire, and the kids are watching Pippi Longstocking.  I am so glad my kids aren't friends with Pippi Longstocking.

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