Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday, January 10th

CSN Stores has offered me $65 to purchase something on their site to review.  What should I get?  I was thinking of something for our hamster and came across this disturbing photo.

I decided that I do not need to overindulge the rodent in my home.  Maybe some ramekins?  For individual pot pies and lasagnas?  Ice cream maker?  Do I really want to allow myself access to so much ice cream?  Can't decide!


  1. Oooo. An ice cream maker is nice...but so, too, are ramekins. Maybe a ceramic knife? I want one of those.

  2. BTW, my word verification for the previous post was "hotickl", which is pretty much how stuff that comes out of both ramekins and ice bream machines makes me feel...


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