Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday, January 8

12:30 PM
My son had a soccer game this morning.  They actually scored four goals, so it was a big deal.  Of course the other team scored about twelve before I stopped counting.  As my son says, he has the best soccer team that has never won a game.  After the game we went to lunch and I "shared" a grilled vegetable and mozzarella sandwich with my daughter.  Also had a coffee.  Seem to have totally forgotten about the whole detox business.  When did that happen?

8:15 PM
Detox Shmetox Spaghetti Bolognese.  Also garlic bread and arugula salad.  And a glass of wine while I was making the sauce, and one while I was eating the sauce.  I still have work to do for the benefit tomorrow night, so will be up for a while and anticipate additional wine.  I will most likely drink several bottles of wine when that is over, so perhaps the day to begin a detox is Monday.  Perhaps.  My daughter is reading this over my shoulder and wants me to say "My daughter is the BEST girl ever."  She's like that.  Here is what I am listening to right now:

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