Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Neeeeeeeeew Microplane Grater!!!

If you have a flair for the mathematic, you might have noticed that I told you before that CSN Stores gave me $65, but I only spent $50 on the toaster.  No doubt you have spent the ensuing nights, sleepless, tossing and turning wondering, "What the heck did she do with the other $15?!?"  Well now you can rest easy, because what I did is get a new Microplane grater, that's what.

The grater was longer than I had expected, but that's okay.  It has a nice, cushy handle, so I won't hurt my delicate hand on a stubborn block of Parmigiana.

As you see, my hand is not really as delicate as I would like to think.  I was making an omelette, and wanted to include some sauteed spinach.  I broke in the grater with a clove of garlic.  

I wound up with a nice garlic paste, but had to scrape it off with my finger.  That was unfortunate.

Next, my very best friend, Gruyere.  The grater created lovely, soft peels of cheese.

Even though the cheese was hanging off the underside, it was fine because a swift tap on the side of the pan and they unfurled into the eggs.

The best part of the grater experience was that I was able to shred the cheese all the way down to the rind, leaving no edible Gruyere behind.

All in all, this grater is GREAT.  Get it?  It's GREAT.  A great grater... Yeah, you get it.

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