Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Eat Your Feelings Sandra Lee!

Dear Reader,

Some of you are thrilled with last night's election results, probably outside right now hiding in the bushes with your shotgun on the lookout for Muslims and "lazy black people" that are out to take your stuff.  Others are packing up your old college text books and back issues of the New Yorker and telling everyone you are heading for Canada (you'll never go, and anyway, they don't want you).  But whatever your politics, there is one thing you are undoubtedly excited for - Sandra Lee is the First Lady of New York State!  I am giddy with anticipation of the tablescapes she will be able to create in the Governor's Mansion!  Think of the myriad glasses in every shape, and size, and color in which she will concoct delicious ice-creamy cocktails.  Albany has no idea what is in store!  For Sandra Lee, Andrew Cuomo, and the residents of the capital district, I offer First Lady Martini, New York Style.  Cheers!

First Lady Martini, New York Style

You will need:
Vanilla Pudding
Blue Curacao
Graham Cracker crumbs

Lick the rim of your martini glass, the big one with the twisty, braided stem, but not the green one, and dip it gently in the graham crackers - crushed like the nuts of Carl Palladino.  Layer the bottom of the glass with vanilla pudding.  Pour on one dram of grenadine, and then float blue curacao on top.  Finish with a delightful Maple leaf collected from the lawn, and wonder what the heck Andrew is going to do, because the RENT IS STILL TOO DAMN HIGH.

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