Friday, November 12, 2010

Veteran's Day Recap

Dear Reader,

I wrote yesterday about my father, which was fitting, as he is a veteran, and it was Veteran's Day, and also because he was giving a speech at the opening ceremony for the NYC Veteran's Day parade, AND doing the commentary for the parade on NBC.  Big day!  Here's what went down.

Dad sharing some sly talk with Mayor Bloomberg.  Perhaps about the lovely princess in the front? She was actually Miss Haiti.  Is it comforting to know that with all Haiti's problems, they still made time to choose a beauty queen?

Governor Paterson always looks like he is pooping.

My father giving a rousing speech about welcoming home the new vets from Iraq and Afghanistan.  These kids are coming home to a bleak job market.  Sucks man!

Civil War Veteran speaks about his experience during the Battle of Appomattox.  Gruesome.

As a karate expert, I can't say too much about this picture because the rent is too damn high.  Jimmy McMillan seems to be listening for the sounds of a hungry baby.

Getting ready to zoom up 5th Ave on the back of a golf cart.  Definitely a highlight of the day for some of us, and absolutely terrifying for others.

That's my dad, on the left, sitting next to Chuck Scarborough.

My eight year old son: "Oh man! They are totally going to ruin that carpet."

Dudes on horses did not get nearly as much applause as...

the dudes cleaning up after them.

What happens when you let the six year old take the photos.


He wasn't even mad when I spilled the Jelly Beans all over the bleachers.

Float representing some...companies...?

Second marine from the right is totally not paying attention. No chit chat on the parade route, son!

So typical... hiding behind the flag.

If you say the word "flag" ten times, really fast, it sounds like a word that might mean something else.  Like a "flag" would be a fat, lazy person, as in, "Where's my coffee?  This barista's such a flag."

Me and the girl on NBC.  I could tell you that the boy didn't mind that he wasn't on TV, but I would be lying.

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