Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sweet Potatoes for Unwanted Vegans

Dear Reader,

Every family has at least one.  They're at every Thanksgiving.  Vegans.  You can't make mashed potatoes, in my opinion, without butter and cream.  Likewise a proper stuffing is comprised mostly of butter and a little bit of sausage.  So what is left over for the vegans?  Cranberry sauce?  But what to put it on?  Here are some sweet potatoes that will satisfy even the most sanctimonious, patchouli-laden guest at your table.

Sweet Potatoes for Unwanted Vegans

You will need:
Sweet Potatoes

Mash the sweet potatoes into a bowl resisting urge to smoke peels.  Squeeze on a little orange juice and mix in a dash of ground cardamom.  Season with salt and pepper.  Wash feet before sitting at table as that cheesy smell might go well with nutritional yeast dusted kale chips, but really ruins a freshly killed and roasted turkey.

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