Friday, October 15, 2010

Eat Your Feelings, Fox Mulder Edition

Dear Reader,

I am going to relate to you a strange set of coincidences, a mysterious turn of events which happened recently - Wednesday, in fact.  Wednesday morning I decided to forgo my slog on the treadmill in favor of a brisk walk uptown to my therapist's office, where we talk mostly about Sarah Palin and how much we don't like her.

It was a glorious day in NYC, and I was listening to my favorite podcast, Stuff You Should Know.  At the end of the podcast called, "Why would anyone want multiple spouses?" the hosts, Josh and Chuck, very briefly mentioned a prediction made by a former employee of NORAD.  Retired Air Force Officer Stanley A. Fulham, claimed that on October 13, the very day I was walking uptown, visitors from a distant planet were going to appear over major American cities to warn us humans about the dangers of global warming.

I proceeded to my therapist, then went to pick the kids up from school.  I thought my son would get a kick out of the UFO prediction, and I was right.  He's eight.  Then, on the way home, we came around our corner and were faced by a dozen news fans, crowds of people staring up at the sky, and at least ten helicopters hovering overhead.  I asked the gentleman who hands out promotional material for the threading salon ("Tweeze your eyebrow? Wax your body?") what was going on.  "There is a UFO" he said.

We rushed home and turned on the television.

Now, I am not saying that this was, indeed a UFO.  Mr. Fulham does have a book coming out, and if anyone knows that you need to engage in all manner of stunts to get people to buy your book, it's me.  Maybe it's because I watched too many episodes of the X Files in the 90's, or maybe because one night, over my brother's baseball game, an enormous object appeared overhead, blocking out the stars, seeming to just hover, then move off very slowly, to the astonishment of everyone present, the incident later chronicled in this book, but I'm inclined to believe that if not today, then some day certainly, it is possible that the little blue doctors will come to save us. Or maybe to harvest us.

When that day arrives, you can be sure that I will not be heading for my pantry, but directly for the liquor cabinet.  In the spirit of Brownie Troop 5374 I shall be prepared.  Enjoy.

Alien Abduction

You will need:

Hard evidence

Awake cold and naked in the middle of a dark forest with a painful sunburn on one side of your face. Make your way down to the nearest town and stop into a liquor store to a) borrow their phone b) find out where you are c) find out what day it is d) borrow some clothes e) buy booze because you’re gonna need it.

Mix equal parts vodka and Galliano in a highball glass over ice. When memories of the flashing lights, the large, empty eyeballs and the probe (oh God, the probe!) come flooding back to you, tell nearest person that you were abducted by aliens. Plead and cry that they believe you until they unclench your fists from around their elbows and run quickly away from you. Drink half of Gatorade, then pour vodka and Galliano into bottle for inconspicuous consumption.

Return to where you first saw the lights and heard the loud, whooshing sound. Search entire area for evidence – bizarre patterns burned into the ground, pieces of unearthly metals, and seven fingered gloves are all good finds. Use empty Galliano bottle to fashion antenna so your space friends can find you the next time they’re in town.

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