Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shut up already Rudolph.

Dear Reader,

If I have to hear "Sleigh Ride" one more time I'm going to smash my head into the gingerbread house.  And forget "Carol of the Bells" which inspires nothing short of panic and terror.  It's time for some better Christmas music, and I have the goods. Enjoy.

The Killers have a few really awesome Christmas songs, and this one is my hands down favorite.

Another one by The Killers.  We listen to them a lot in my house.  When when my boss isn't playing Taylor Swift, that is.  She's six.

Ed Harcourt is a genius.  This song is perhaps not for the very little kiddies, but my kids love it, and I will be listening to it all year long.  You should go RIGHT NOW to and buy it.

Angela Mccluskey's voice is so haunting.  You'll never hear Frosty the same way again.

And here we have the BEST CHRISTMAS SONG OF ALL TIME.  Bing Crosby can suck it.

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