Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year's Resolution Help!

Dear Reader,

Was your New Year's resolution to quit being such a lardass?  Mine was.  Or one of them was, anyway.  To help you along I offer you some choice music that I like to listen to on the treadmill.  Enjoy!

This one is from a movie I have never seen, nor indeed have I ever heard of it!  I probably won't see it as Robin Williams gives me the creeps.  Fast forward to the 1 minute mark to get an approximation of what I look like at the gym.

This one is a great song for the treadmill because it is in French which makes me think of thin French women, thereby making me run longer.  This video does not have the whole song which is Cannibale by Stereo Total, but what it does have is so much better - cucumbers and a disjointed thumb.

This video is great for so many reasons.  First is the performance of Andrew Ridgely, who recently accepted my friend request on Facebook!  Second is George Michael's rapping.  Third, his aggressive dancing style.  And specifically it is good for the treadmill as it reminds me of when I thought I would  look like Bananarama when I grew up.  Go for it!

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