Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Music for Motivation

Dear Reader,

I got a new phone a few weeks ago, and it has changed my life. First, I've taken to running outside rather than at the gym, and I was under the impression that my runs were not very far or very fast, but I downloaded this thing called "AllSport" on my phone, and it tracks my run using GPS. GPS is something that I find astonishing in the first place. When you think about it, something in space can pinpoint exactly where you are at any given moment. Insane! Well, it turns out that I've been running much farther and faster than I thought. Good news all around for me! I thought I would share with you some of my favorite music that I listen to when I run. It is also quite good to accompany housework, a morning commute, or other times when you might be listening to music. Enjoy.

My Pandora is on the Kate Nash station most of the time, and this might be my favorite song of hers. After watching this, I feel compelled to put on some eyeliner.

I also love The National.

I still have not given up hope that someday Simon LeBon will realize he made a big mistake marrying Yasmin and not me.

I borrowed this from my daughter. Totally addictive and again, feeling desperately eyeliner deficient. The leotard I can do without. Am I the only one who remembers pants?

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