Friday, February 4, 2011

Super(duper) Seven Layer Superbowl Dip

Dear Reader,

Like most of America, I am gearing up for Superbowl Sunday.  For those visiting from abroad, the Superbowl is a television event where the best commercials of the year are aired.  Also, it is a day to drink a lot of beer, and consume the most delicious snack foods available.  There is also a game of football which takes place, but that really doesn't concern me.  For me it's all about the snacks.  In my mind, a Superbowl just isn't all that super if it doesn't feature the ubiquitous Seven Layer Dip.  No matter the weather in Dallas,  Pittsburgh or Green Bay, the game will be a washout without it.  Traditionally this dip features taco fixin's - beans, guacamole, tomatoes, onions, olives, lettuce, cheese, scooped onto tortilla chips.  Be sure I will be eating my fill, but what for dessert?  Why not continue the theme with my totally amazing I can't believe I thought of it myself Super(duper) Seven Layer Superbowl Dip.  I made it today, with my kids for an afternoon snack, and it was mind blowing.

Here the kids arrange what my daughter called, "the family."

First up, peanut butter.

I used a small bowl, because I don't have twenty people coming over.  Of course it can be made larger to accommodate a crowd or the morbidly obese.

It took a man's strength to open this bag.

My daughter sprinkling the butterscotch chips on top of the peanut butter...

...very delicately, one at a time.

Butterscotch chips resting atop a bed of peanut butter.

My daughter insisted on photographing the Fluff herself, it being her favorite member of the family.  This is blurry because she was simultaneously taking the picture and sticking her fingers in the jar.

They didn't have the small jar of Nutella, and I don't care what their advertising says, bread smeared with chocolate may be delicious, but it is not part of a heathy breakfast unless that breakfast also includes eggs, fruit, milk and juice.

However, it is tasty right off the spoon.

Next, chopped walnuts.

Drizzle of pooling caramel sauce.

Topped with fluffy coconut.

Full layer action.

This dip is best enjoyed with pretzel rods.  The saltiness really adds to the overall effect and the sturdy rods can stand up to all the layers.

The long pretzel rods beg for double dipping, so be sure your guests are cool with that.  We were cool with that.

Satisfied snackers.

Close up of delicious dip topping a pretzel.

I really cannot overemphasize, or stress enough, how absolutely, undeniably, astonishingly, delicious, decadent and totally AWESOME this was.  And, I might add, it is without a doubt, the most perfect stoner food ever invented.  Better even that Teddy Grahams.  Go teams!

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