Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Great Big Fat New York State Fair

Dear Reader,

Last week my husband and I took the kids to upstate New York to visit family and spend a little time at the GREAT NEW YORK STATE FAIR.  Oh, what a time we had!

We were greeted not only by this large sign, but by people who gave us free tickets! Nice!

First stop the Time Warner Cable exhibit?

Here my kids pretend to read the weather forecast.  According to them the weather was "a lovely day, although it might rain.  But basically a lovely day."

Everyone knows that the State Fair offers many culinary delights.  This one features Tootsies, which if I am not mistaken, is toes.

These dancers were surely not the best New York State has to offer.  Whoever booked them needs to look a little harder next year.  I wouldn't even give them a blue ribbon for effort, as by the way they kept giggling and rolling their eyes, they seemed to think they looked pretty silly, too.

Finally some real entertainment!  Over the loudspeaker we heard that this giant rat consumes pounds and pounds of food and gallons of water each day!  Also we were warned of the terror and chaos that would ensue if the giant rat were to escape!

It's HUGE!

But it's not a rat.  It is a Capybara, which is a furry little pig-like thing, a rodent, but not a rat.  This led to a near argument, because someone was under the impression the Capybara was extinct.  They are not.  Clearly.

All that rat talk made us hungry!  First up, this creamy, tangy coleslaw that was topped by a mysterious brown powder of dubious origins.

What could this gentleman be waiting on line for?

A delicious Chardonnay!  Whoever was supposed to inflate that Labatt's bottle did not give it their best effort.

This New Yorker proudly shows us her disgusting candy.

Someone stole all the cows!  They didn't clean up after the missing bovines, as evidenced by the turds all over our shoes.  Not a day for flip flops.

"Never miss an opportunity to stick your head in a hole." That is the motto my children live by.

Humongous pig balls caused quite a stir.

Sweet mommy pig and her piglets kind of make you want to pet them!

Doh!  Perhaps they underestimate that pig by saying she doesn't know any better.  Perhaps the pig can read the other signs posted above her pen:

This child was warned, "Don't get the snot on your sleeve."

"It feels good to them, just like when you go to a wedding, and you got all the hairspray up in your hair, and you go to sleep after and wake up in the morning, and it is crusty and like it's got gunk in it, and you give it a wash."  Exactly.

Time to walk the Alpaca!

Disappointing fries.  They cut that potato right in front of us, but should have fried it longer.  Soggy. Bleh.

Call me a snob, but I think Candy Apples should only be one flavor: red.  He could not be discouraged.

Nor could he be discouraged from participating in the magic show, even though his participation involved the donning of a filthy cap and goggles, and the magician smelled like vinegar.

Proud gay parents.

Congratulations Taylor on your prize winning pickles!

Blue ribbon pickles are fine, but this was deemed a "valuable work of art."

Another work of art depicting a man giving birth to a watermelon.

Next we picked up chicks.

Second place?!  I would like to see the winning peppers.

Sleepy 4H-er.

Surely this is against the law.

The "Fun Shoot" photo display.  They shot something, then they ate it.  Fun!

This is the creepiest thing I saw all day.

Kristin Chenoweth look out!  This spunky kid belted out New York, New York with lots of emotion and jazzy moves.

This was by far, the most tasty thing eaten at the State Fair.  We had gone to get baked potatoes, but found the line snaking all through the Horticulture Building, while nobody at all was waiting at the stand featuring tomato products.  We ordered up the sandwich to end all sandwiches.  Two slices of perfectly toasted, thick white bread slathered with pesto mayonnaise, crisp chunky slices of Vidalia onion, lettuce, and perfectly ripe tomatoes sprinkled with sea salt and fresh pepper.  Simple, yes, but oh so tasty.  We had two.  Each.

Sadly our time at the State Fair had come to an end and it was time to get back on the bus that would take us to New Hampshire, where the parking lot was located.  Someone tried to cut in front of us saying she, "had to be in the PARADE!" But we kicked her to the back of the line.  Our apologies if anyone was really looking forward to her participation in the parade.

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