Monday, December 7, 2009

Eat Your Feelings Party at Mom's house!

Dear Reader,

Last week I was in the good old town of Kansas City for some book events and was fortunate enough to spend a little time with Mom, on account of that's where she lives.  Mom thought it would be a fun idea to invite some of the neighborhood ladies over for an Eat Your Feelings Party and she was right!  We had a blast and I have the photos to prove it!  She served Valentine's Day Party Ryes for Divorcees, Hamburger Casserole For When Nobody Loves You And Never Will, and Manic Depressive Brownies. Yum!

The essentials of good snack food:  pork products and cheese, await assembly.

Aforementioned cheese and sausage will soon find a home atop these tasty party ryes for the:

 Divorcees!  Okay, so they're not all divorcees, but they liked them anyway.

Paula from Rainy Day Books in Kansas City was on hand to sell books.  Hi Paula!

And it wouldn't be Mom's house without a great big bottle of wine.

These ladies were having so much fun their photo was all blurry. Or maybe the photographer had dipped into the wine.

Here I am distracted by the-

Rowdy bunch in the corner.

And voila les Manic Depressive Brownies.  Bravo, Mom!

If you spotted your mother in these photos I know what you're getting for Christmas!


  1. This is such a cute idea! I love it! The women all look like they are having a great time and the food looks wonderful!

  2. We did have a wonderful time. Carolyn & Heather are wonderful hosts and the book is hilarious! Jan

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