Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Don't Forget the Cook-Off is Sept 30th!!!

The super fun cook-off hosted by powerHouse Arena is tomorrow, Wednesday September 30th from 7-9. You can find the recipes for the contest below. I have already received photos from people busily cooking away in their kitchens across the tri-state area! And remember, if you don't want to enter the cook-off you can just show up and drink complimentary WINE. Either way you are in for a swell time!


This lady is making something in a big pot. A really big pot! And she's hoping to tempt the judges by not wearing a bra. Just might work!

This one is channeling Julia Child and doing a really good job as she whips up her Drunk and Disorderly Donut Pudding! Looks like she's been drinking herself to get into character!
Atta girl!

This dude is taking it WAY too seriously! Relax buddy! Have some of that vino on the counter behind you. It's only Hamburger Casserole For When Nobody Loves You And Never Will, it's not brain surgery.

These pirate hipsters are chillin in their broken chair waiting for the repo man and enjoying a Foreclosure Fiesta, YAR!

You can send me your photos at heathereatsherfeelings@gmail.com

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