Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Unexpected Financial Windfall Watermelon Wahoo!

Dear Reader,

Sometimes you win the lottery.  Sometimes you are walking through an empty parking lot and find two hundred and forty dollars in twenties just lying on the ground. I once won one hundred dollars in a scratch off game. And sometimes you are at Staples, shopping for a new electric pencil sharpener, when out of the blue Mr. Moneybags Deeppockets calls from Twentieth Century Fox in Hollywoodland, USA, to tell you they want to option your book, Eat Your Feelings: Recipes for Self-Loathing, to make a T.V. show. Trust me, it happens. It did happen! Wahoo! This news deserves a drink, don't you think? And not my usual tall glass of vodka with a straw. For this, I'm whizzing up a delicious celebratory cocktail, and I hope you'll have one with me. Cheers!

Unexpected Financial Windfall Watermelon Wahoo!

You will need:
Frozen watermelon chunks

Fill a blender with frozen watermelon.  Add equal parts vodka and Limeaid - or more of one or the other depending on taste, tolerance and alcoholism.  Toss in a sprig of mint, a few ice cubes and whiz. Pour into a glass, top with a an additional sprig of mint for added panache. Slurp. If you feel like dancing, go right ahead, nobody's watching.

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