Friday, March 4, 2011

A Neeeeeeeeew Cast Iron Skillet!!!

Those good folks at CSN Stores asked me to review another product, and I chose a cast iron skillet after seeing my friend Ben's impressive Tarte Tatin.  My skillet arrived yesterday and here's the low down.

The skillet was packed inside this insanity. This packing material definitely makes you think rare and deadly spiders are hiding somewhere in this box.

Alas, it was just my new skillet.  I went with Emeril's rendition because I figured that guy knows what he's doing when it comes to a skillet.  I chose to make a frittata. 

First I melted some butter.  This proved to be too much butter, so I removed about a pat and a half.

Next I added tomatoes.

Then olives.  No, not really.  That's broccoli.

Corn.  The kids like corn in their eggs.  Go figure.

Lots of cheddar cheese which, prior to this photo being taken, my daughter was eating by the fistful.

Daughter staring longingly at the cheese, now out of reach.

I used 10 eggs and 3/4 cup milk, salt and pepper.  Simmer on the stove at medium until the edges are starting to set.  This took a little longer than I expected, so I made some crispy kale, because yesterday my husband brought home about five bunches of kale and it was taking over the refrigerator.  You just cut out the big rib in the center of the leaf, tear into chip sized pieces, rub all over with olive oil, sprinkle on some salt and then bake at 300 for about 20 minutes.  Don't let it turn brown or it goes from delicious to horribly revolting.

Here you see my son taking a break from writing his biography project (George Washington) to enjoy some crispy kale.  You also see my daughter who insists on being in every photo.

I made a kale salad as well.  I chopped the kale, then crushed a clove of garlic in my mortar and pestle with some salt, added white wine vinegar, olive oil, parmesan cheese.  Delicious!

The frittata spent about six minutes under the broiler to finish, and voila.

It came easily out of the skillet.

All in all I would have to say that I LOVE the cast iron skillet.  It's really heavy, I needed two hands to take it out of the oven, but it will come in handy if we have an intruder, or someone just pisses me off. Well done Emeril and CSN Stores!

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