Friday, April 8, 2011

Spicy As Hell and so so good!

Dear Reader,

This morning I awoke, tired and limp from a night spent with relatives in town from the grand old United Kingdom and our mutual friend Ketel One.  I fed the children, sent them off to school, sat on the sofa and stared into space for thirty minutes, then headed off to the diner, desperate for some eggs and toast.  It wasn't so much the eggs and toast that I was looking forward to.  No.  The eggs and toast, and especially the potatoes on the side, were mere vehicles for my most favorite, delicious, mind-blowing, soul-satisfying condiment of the moment.  Spicy As Hell Hot Sauce.

About two weeks ago I was picking the kids up from school when another mother asked, casually, "Do you like hot sauce?"  I answered that I did like hot sauce.  "I'm brewing up a batch.  I'll bring you a bottle," she said.  Let me tell you, I am no hot sauce connoisseur.  I sometimes like spicy things, but you wouldn't find me nibbling on a habanero.  That is to say, I'm not a hot sauce junkie.  Or I wasn't until now.

Maria's Spicy As Hell Hot Sauce is indeed spicy as hell.  But it's also tart, redolent of garlic and has a vinegary edge that I can't get enough of.  I realized this morning, when I put it on the table at the diner, that it is a rather peculiar thing to carry about in my pocket.  And I have been doing that regularly. Having lunch with Mom?  Gotta remember the hot sauce!  It's good on sandwiches, chips, chicken, lentils, drizzled on a taco, mixed with a little ketchup and slathered on a burger, it perfectly enhances a frittata, and absolutely must have restorative properties, because as I write this, I feel like a new woman.

I am lucky to count Maria as a friend, and thereby have access to this amazing sauce, but you can get some, too.  She sells it on Etsy.  She makes each batch fresh to order, there are no preservatives.  I implore you to try some.  You won't know what hit you.

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  1. Go Maria Go! You're one sassy, spicy, gal-friend.


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